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Welcome to Ledyard National Bank's Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have any suggestions for content on this page, or you have a question that is not covered in these pages, please send us a guestbook entry.

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Banking FAQs

Q: Are my deposit accounts FDIC insured?
A: Yes! Each individual client's account is insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 per account. 
Q: What are non-interest bearing deposit transaction accounts?
A: The term “non-interest-bearing transaction account” includes a traditional checking account or demand deposit account on which the insured depository institution pays no interest.  It also includes Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts ("IOLTAS"). It does not include other accounts, such as traditional checking or demand deposit accounts that may earn interest, NOW accounts, and money-market deposit accounts. For additional information and other coverage please call us at 888-746-4562. 
Q: How do I set up Direct Deposit of my payroll check?
A: When you open your account, you will receive our routing and transit number and your account number. If your employer participates in a direct deposit program, simply provide this information to the human resources or payroll department at your company, and your direct deposit will usually begin within thirty days.

Q: How do I set up Direct Deposit of my Social Security check?
A: When you open your account, you will receive our routing and transit number and your account number. Simply contact us, and have your Social Security Number and account information available to set up your direct deposit right over the phone.

Q: Can I get information about my account by phone?
A: Yes! Account information is available with our Customer Service Representatives during business hours at any of our offices.

Q: May I do all of my banking with you?
A: Yes! Thanks to the convenience of Direct Deposit and ATMs, everyday banking activities can be performed on your own time. Contact us with questions about your banking needs.

Q: May I look at all of my transactions at any time?
A:Yes! With Online Banking, you have access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Q: How frequently is my information updated?
A: Your account information is updated every business day with new transactions that posted to your account the previous day.

Q: How do I make a deposit to my account from a remote location?
A: You can do most of your banking by using direct deposit, ATMs or ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions. We also offer a bank-by-mail service, which allows you to mail any deposits. Contact us for details on a method that's best for you.

Banking | Online Banking | eStatements | Security

Online Banking FAQs

Q: What is Online Banking?
A: Online Banking is a tool that allows you to use a personal computer with an Internet connection to conduct your banking online.

Q: How much does Online Banking cost?
A: There is no charge for basic Online banking features. 

Q: What can I do with Online Banking?
A: You can view account balances and transaction history, transfer money, download transactions to a personal financial manager and much more. Check out the Online Banking Demo to see all the features of Online Banking and how you can personalize your online banking experience.

Q: Is any of my personal information stored in the Online Banking product?
A: Yes, the Online Banking product stores your User ID, password, and account information.

Q: How current is my banking information?
A: Your account information is updated as transactions occur, whether at a Bank teller, a Ledyard ATM, an online debit card transaction, or via Online Banking.  The use of ATMs not affiliated with Ledyard may cause a delay in providing currently account information. 

Q: What accounts will I be able to access through Online Banking?
A:You can access your Ledyard National Bank checking, savings, money market, Certificates of Deposit, IRAs and loan accounts. Our Online Banking Product is intended to give you as much access, security, and versatility as possible.

Q: How much account information can I view?
A: Your account history will accumulate up to a maximum of eighteen months, after which the oldest transactions will begin to drop off.

Q: Can I view my account details in more than one way?
A: Yes, you can view your accounts by date, check number, payee, or amount in ascending or descending order.

Q: What formats can I download my transaction history in?
A:Online Banking supports downloads to Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money™ or a comma-delimited text file.

Q: Can I schedule future transfers?
A: Yes, you may schedule future and recurring transfers.

Q: Can I view images of my checks on-line?
A: Yes. By clicking on the magnifying glass icon next to a check, an image of both the front and back of your check will appear. If some of your payees have "truncated" your check (sending it through as an ACH or Point of Sale debit), no image will be presented to you. You will receive the message, "IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE" if you click on one of those check numbers.

Q: Can I view images of my deposit slips on-line?
A: Yes, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon next to a deposit, you will be able to view the associated deposit slip.

Q: When can I use Online Banking services?
A: With Online Banking, you have access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Q: Is there a demo available for me to try?
A: Yes, we have an Online Banking Demo that is found on our Home Page,

Q: How long can I be inactive before being logged out of the Online Banking product?
A: The inactivity time-out is set for 20 minutes.

Q:What is required to use the Online Banking service?
A: All you need to use Online Banking is a secure browser that supports 128 bit encryption, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer® or Firefox. You can use any computer that has Internet access. On a Macintosh computer, Firefox is the preferred browser, although Safari also works.

Access to Online Banking requires 128-bit encryption for security purposes. To see if you have it, open your browser.  In Windows, you can determine the version by clicking on "Help>About..." On a Macintosh, click on the Apple icon, then click "About..." Either should show you what browser version you are running, including the encryption level.

Q: How do you upgrade your browser and/or encryption level?
A: To upgrade your browser and/or your encryption level, please visit the appropriate Web Site for your preferred browser.  Follow the instructions provided on the appropriate screen to upgrade your browser, as needed, and/or download the necessary 128-bit encryption.

Q: Do I have to use any specific Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
A: Online Banking can be accessed via any ISP; however, if you use America OnLine (AOL), please note that it has not been certified with Online Banking, and some issues may exist.

Q: How do I access Online Banking?
A: You must first complete the enrollment process by clicking on "Get Started" on our Home Page (  Once activated, we will e-mail an acknowledgement to you, and you may then log in with the credentials you selected during enrollment.

Q: Can I create my own password that is easy for me to remember?
A: Yes, you select your Login ID and Password during the enrollment process.  You may also change then under Security at any time you wish after logging in.  We highly recommend what is termed a "strong" password, meaning a combination of at least eight characters, including upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols.

Banking | Online Banking | eStatements | Security

E-Statement FAQ’s

Q: What is an e-statement?
A: An e-statement is an electronic version of your statement available online via our secure online banking site. You can view and print your statement right from your computer.

Q: Why should I switch to e-statements?
A: It's fast, secure and environmentally friendly! E-statements are available online days sooner than mailed statements. They can be accessed using your secure online banking login ID and password. You'll also save paper and trees while helping to preserve our environment.

Q: Will I be able to see my combined statement(s) online?
A: Your e-statement will present your combined statement exactly as it has been on your paper statements.

Q: Are check images available with my e-statement?
A: If you are currently receiving check images with your paper statement, images will be included in your e-statement.

Q: When can I view my e-statement?
A: Your e-statement is available for you to view on the first business day after the third of each month.  Once you enroll an account for e-statements, we begin to accumulate them up to 18 months for your reference.

Q: Will my e-statement look the same as my paper statement?
A: Yes, your e-Statement looks exactly like your paper statement.

Q: May I view my electronic statement without signing up for e-statements?
A: No, after subscribing to our online banking service, you must sign up for e-statements to be viewed from within our online banking service.

Q: How do I save my e-statement for future reference?
A: E-statements will be available via online banking for up to 18 months, but you can save the PDF file to your own computer at any time to save for as long as you like.

Q: Can I access an e-statement for all of my accounts?
A: Yes. We offer the option of receiving e-statements for each of your accounts, or some of your accounts.  You also have the option of receiving a combined statement and viewing all your accounts in one e-statement. 

Q: Is there a charge for e-statements?
A: There is no charge. E-statements are FREE!

Q: Do I have to sign up for Ledyard’s Online Banking in order to have access to e-statements?
A: Yes. You must sign up for online banking to have access to e-statements. If you are not signed up for online banking it’s easy to enroll visit the home page and click on the “Enroll Now” link at the top right hand corner.

Q: Is my e-statement information secure?
A: Yes, security is a top priority at Ledyard. 

Q: Will I need a password to view my e-statement?
A: Yes. You must log into online banking in order to view your e-statement(s).

Q: Will I be able to print my statement?
A: Yes. Once you open the e-statement you will be able to print it just like you print any document on your computer.

Q: How do I sign up for e-statements?
A: You can sign up online through your online banking account.

Q: Will I need any special software to view my e-statement?
A: Yes. You will need to have a recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

Q:. What is Adobe® Acrobat® Reader and why do I need it?
A: Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is free software used for viewing and printing of electronic forms.

Q: How can I get Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™?
A: You can download a free version of the software at the Adobe site,

Q: How long will it take Ledyard to set up my e-statement once I’m enrolled?
A: Once you are enrolled in online banking, and have selected e-statements in your Delivery Preferences, you will start to receive electronic delivery of any statements that you have selected on the first business day after the third of the following month.  You will stop receiving paper statements as of the last paper statement you receive prior to the third of the month prior to your e-statement selection.

Q: Who should I contact if I can't access my e-statement?
A: If you cannot access your e-statement or you forgot your password, you may call us at 1-888-746-4562 or visit any of our locations.

Q: How do I cancel my e-statement?
A: You may terminate your e-statement service at any time through the following options: (i) by de-selecting all accounts via the Account and Document section of Ledyard’s Online Banking. (ii) By providing us with written notice.
If you terminate your enrollment in the e-statement service, paper statements will resume with your next periodic statement.

Q: Can I receive both paper and electronic statements?
A: No. You will receive one or the other for a particular account, however you will have the option to select which account statements you wish to receive via electronic delivery and which you wish to receive via postal mail.  

Q: For how long will my e-statements be available in online banking?
A: We will maintain at least two years of e-statements available online, provided that your online banking account and associated transaction accounts remain open and active.  Older statements may also be obtained as needed by visiting the financial center that is most convenient to you.

Banking | Online Banking | eStatements | Security

Security FAQs

Q: How can I be sure that my financial information is secure?
A: Ledyard National Bank employs the latest in Internet Security and User Authentication to ensure that data being transmitted through the Online Banking System is secure from unauthorized access. The methods are outlined below.

Secured Data Transmission

The Online Banking System allows the server to implement Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, the standard technology for secure web-based communications. With SSL, data traveling between the bank and client is encrypted and can only be decrypted through the pairing of the public and private key pair.  SSL capability is built into server hardware and browsers, but requires a digital ID to be functional.

Server Access

Server access is protected using a firewall computer and industry-leading firewall software. Firewall computers provide secure access to the Web Server by only allowing authorized traffic to "hit" the Server.

By combining the latest technology with authenticated access to the web server, Ledyard National Bank makes your Online Banking transactions secure. 
Q: Will Ledyard ever send me an email or text message and ask for secure information?A: No, Ledyard National Bank will never send an email or a text message to ask for secure information. You should never give out your account numbers, passwords or PINs via email or text message.

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