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Savings Accounts & CDs

Ledyard's Special Rate CDs

Ledyard helps you save well by offering competitive interest rates that keep your savings working for you.  With a minimum of a $500 deposit, your savings can grow worry free with terms ranging from 90 days to five years.

Visit one of our financial centers to learn more and open a CD today.


Client must have a Ledyard Checking Account to qualify, fees may apply.
Penalty may apply for early withdrawal.
*Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of  3/30/23.


$25,000 new money required as part of opening deposit.
Client must have a Platinum Checking Account to qualify, fees may apply.
Penalty may apply for early withdrawal.
*Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of  2/2/23.


Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of 1/11/2023.
Penalty may apply for early withdrawal.
Minimum balance of $500 to open account and earn the APY.
1: Platinum Checking Account is required, fees may apply.
2: Non-Platinum Checking Account required

Savings Accounts

Planning well means saving for the future, and Ledyard has a variety of ways to help you do that.

  Statement Savings Certificates of Deposit (CDs) Personal Money Market Account
Interest Paid Yes Yes Yes
Balance required to earn interest Yes Yes Yes
ATM/Check Card – Unlimited use Yes NA No
Free Online Banking Yes NA Yes
Free Online Bill Pay Yes NA No
Check Paid Fee/Withdrawal Charge Yes NA Yes
  • $250 average daily balance to earn interest
  • $4.00 monthly service charge if average balance falls below $250
  • Service charges are waived for those 60 years and older, minors and Platinum Checking Account clients
  • ATM services are available*
  • FDIC insured
  • Short and long-term investment options available
  • Minimum investment $500
  • Interest compounded daily and credited monthly
  • Preferred rates for those with a Ledyard checking account or Platinum Checking Account clients
  • FDIC insured
  • Interest earned with a $1,500 daily balance
  • Interest earned may increase as your balance increases
  • Unlimited in-person and ATM withdrawals
  • $10.00 service charge if average monthly balance per statement cycle falls below $1,500
  • FDIC insured


Individual Retirement Accounts are a convenient way to reduce taxable income and save for retirement.

  • FDIC insured, Ledyard National Bank offers a variety of tax-deferred retirement plans to meet an individual's specific financial needs.
  • IRAs require a small opening deposit of at least $10.00.
  • Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. Substantial tax penalties may apply for withdrawals before reaching the age of 59 1/2.
  • Interest is compounded daily and paid monthly.
  • Contributions may be tax deductible and supplement retirement income.**
  • To learn more, contact any of our branch representatives.

CDARS (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service)…A safe, convenient solution for large-deposit investors.

Until now, there were only three ways an investor could enjoy full FDIC insurance on deposits larger than 250,000: open and maintain accounts with multiple banks, invest with one bank by transferring ownership and registering accounts in the names of family members or corporate affiliates, or work through a broker-dealer.

Through CDARS, we can now place large deposits into smaller-denomination CDs at multiple institutions. This service can offer you significant benefits:

  • The safety of FDIC insurance for large deposits. Because funds are placed in FDIC-insured CDs that are issued by other financial institution Network members, your total deposits over $250,000 can be eligible for full FDIC coverage. Now you can make bank CD investments up to $1 million or more!
  • CD interest. Rates may compare favorably with those of other high-quality, fixed-income investments.
  • Interest-payment flexibility. You may choose to have interest paid monthly or at maturity.
  • Management convenience. You can manage all of your CD investments through a single relationship.
  • The security of working with a trusted, local source. Your transaction is managed by the people you know and trust here at Ledyard National Bank.
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*Usage at a non-Ledyard ATM will incur a $1.00 ATM debit item charge – except for Platinum Checking Account clients – and other institutions may impose an ATM fee.

**Please consult your tax advisor

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