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Connect to your finances with MoneyMap

A powerful budgeting, tracking and planning tool within Ledyard's online banking platform.



How does this free* tool work?

By consolidating financial information from various accounts and institutions into a single, easily accessible dashboard, MoneyMap provides a holistic view of your financial health.  Our tool enables you to track your spending, monitor investments and budget more effectively, ultimately leading to better financial decision-making. 

MoneyMap also enhances security by using advanced encryption and authentication methods to protect sensitive financial information, giving you greater peace of mind. You’ll feel empowered to take control of your financial well-being and make more informed financial choices!

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Accounts  View all your accounts, including linked external accounts.   Change account name, type and interest rate, as well as credit limit and original balance.   Manage alerts, exclude the account, mark accounts as duplicate and view historical balances.
See spending categories over a defined range. View income sources.  Drill down to subcategories and transactions.
Create and manage goals with custom names, timelines, and internal or external accounts.



Build a debt plan to project and prioritize debt payoffs. View balances, APR, last payment date and minimum payment.

Net Worth

See net worth over time, and how transactions affect overall net worth.

Cash Flow

Identify recurring deposits and payments to show spending trends in a clear, simplified view.


Receive text and email alerts including: Exceeded Budgets, Debt Payment Reminder, Low Account Balance, Large Deposit, Large Expense/Withdrawal and Fee Charged.

Download the Ledyard App with MoneyMap

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    * When using MoneyMap on your mobile device, data rates may apply.

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