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Welcome to Ledyard National Bank. Your business is unique. Your business banking plan should be just as unique. That’s why, at Ledyard, our business banking specialists work directly with you to tailor a plan to meet the specific needs of your company. We’re also members of the community, which means we’re accessible and will be there with you every step of the way.


We educate and advise our business clients on all aspects of their financial well-being and develop meaningful client relationships that grow through the years. Our comprehensive, consultative approach is designed with one goal in mind: the success of our clients.We help you plan well so that you can live well.

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The Keys to Successful Business Growth

Working Capital

The ability to obtain and manage capital is crucial to the growth of any business. Do you have enough cash-on-hand to take advantage of unanticipated opportunities? Ledyard works with you to understand the importance of maintaining adequate working capital and to apply the tools necessary to maximize it.

Managing Cash Flow & Liquidity

Every business wants to make the most of cash-on-hand when they have it. Ledyard offers a full range of cash management services, including the latest online banking solutions, to help optimize your cash flow and maximize the return on it.

Risk Management

Every business has inherent risks. Some can be predicted and minimized, others can’t. As an institution with hundreds of business clients, Ledyard has become an expert in understanding the breadth of risks facing businesses. So, we can work with you to identify those risks and plan accordingly - improving your business’s long-term viability.

Equipment Needs

Purchasing equipment for your business seems like an easy decision, but there’s a lot to consider. Should you buy or lease? What type of financing will be the most cost-effective? How will this decision affect your cash flow? Ledyard provides the guidance necessary to acquire the equipment you need while maintaining a successful cash management strategy.

Real Estate Considerations

As with equipment needs, businesses must do a cost/benefit analysis when faced with whether to buy or lease real estate. The decision is a critical one because of the significant demand it may have on capital reserves. Ledyard has the experience to guide you through that process and the potential pitfalls, along with a full line of lending options to achieve your real estate needs.

International Services

With growing globalization, international business opportunities are increasingly available and important – even for small businesses. Ledyard has access to the resources necessary to help you seek out and take advantage of these expanding markets.

Business Succession Planning

Business owners often have major wealth invested in their businesses, but are too wrapped up in daily operations to focus on business succession planning. Ledyard works with you throughout your business lifecycle to help you create and realize a vision for the future of your business that will last.

Retirement Planning

Keeping track of your personal and business retirement investing can be a challenge. Ledyard has the experience and resources to do both. Ledyard has the premier asset management team in the Upper Valley, Lake Sunapee, and Concord Regions and provides a comprehensive, personalized approach to retirement and financial planning including IRAs, SEPs and HSAs.

Hiring & Retaining Employees

Businesses seek to attract, reward and retain key employees. Ledyard helps you identify and manage Human Resource issues so that you can deepen and expand important employee relationships.

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